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The Judicial Council

The Judicial Council is the highest judicial body or "court" of The United Methodist Church. Its nine members are elected by the General Conference. The Judicial Council determines the constitutionality of acts or proposed acts of the General, Jurisdictional, Central, and Annual Conferences. It acts on these either on appeal of lower rulings or through requests for declaratory decisions. It also rules on whether acts of other official bodies of the denomination conform to The Book of Discipline. This is done in accordance with procedures established in The Book of Discipline.

Judicial Council Of The United Methodist Church
10501 Plank Road
Spotsylvania, VA 22553
540–972–8808   Fax 540–972–0547    Email The Judicial Council

Council Of Bishops

The Council of Bishops is made up of all active and retired bishops of The United Methodist Church. The Council meets twice a year. According to the Book of Discipline. "The Church expects the Council of Bishops to speak to the Church and from the Church to the world and to give leadership in the quest for Christian unity and interreligious relationships" (¶ 427.2). The Bishops lead and oversee the spiritual and temporal affairs of the United Methodist Church, which confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and particularly to lead the Church in its mission of witness and service in the world (The Discipline ¶ 414).

The council comprises 50 active bishops in the United States; 18 bishops in Europe, Asia and Africa; plus 96 retired bishops worldwide. They are the top clergy leaders in the nearly 11 million–member church.

Bishops are elected by one of the five jurisdictional conferences held every four years in the United States and by the central conferences outside of the U.S. Bishops are consecrated at the jurisdictional conference and are expected to report for work in their new areas on Sept. 1st. Bishops are assigned by their jurisdiction to serve a geographical area for a four–year term.

There are 50 episcopal areas in the United States and 18 episcopal areas outside of the U.S. Bishops and Episcopal Area Offices are grouped by Jurisdiction. The President of the Council of Bishops presides over its meetings, but has no additional authority over the other members of the Council. Administrative work is handled by the Secretary of the Council.

The Council of Bishops of
The United Methodist Church
100 Maryland Ave., NE
Suite 320
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202–547–6270   Fax: 202–547–6272        Email The Council Of Bishops

Raleigh Episcopal Area Bishop

The United Methodist Church is comprised of six jurisdictions. Within these jurisdictions, Episcopal areas are assigned to different Bishops. New Hope United Methodist Church is located in the Southeastern Jurisdiction, Raleigh Episcopal Area, Beacon District. The Raleigh Episcopal Area is comprised of 8 Districts: Beacon, Capital, Corridor, Fairway, Gateway, Harbor, Heritage, and Sound.


Bishop Ward

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward serves the North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church. In The United Methodist Church, a bishop serves as a general superintendent of the entire church. In the United Methodist tradition, bishops are not "ordained" as bishops, but are clergy elected and consecrated to the office of bishop. Bishops give general oversight to the worldly and spiritual interests of the Church.

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward
The North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church
700 Waterfield Ridge Place
Garner, NC 27529
1–800–849–4433   919–779–6115 ext. 242    Fax: 919–773–2416

District Superintendent, Beacon District

District Superintendent

Gilliam (Gil) P. Wise is a graduate of Methodist College (1983) and Duke Divinity School (1988). He has served in a variety of ministry settings over the past thirty years. Gil and his wife, Linda Trudeau Wise, have three children.

A lifelong member of the United Methodist Church, Gil has a heart for the rural church. It is his belief that reclaiming the movement of Methodism will reconnect all our churches, regardless of size or location, to a calling that is still deep in our roots. He believes "We are living in an hour of unprecedented outpouring upon the church of Jesus Christ that we might fulfill our calling to be a witness to the nations."

District Superintendent appointments are for one year but can be extended for a number of years. District superintendents normally serve six year terms but no more than eight years consecutively and not to exceed a total of 12 years in a lifetime.

A district superintendent, a church elder, oversees and has supervisory responsibilities for the total ministry of the clergy and of the churches in the communities of the district in their missions of witness and service in the world (Discipline 414). The district superintendents in the North Carolina Conference meet together with the bishop as the cabinet for appointment making and other responsibilities.

Rev. Gil Wise
The United Methodist Church
District Superintendent of the Beacon District
700 Waterfield Ridge Place
Garner, NC 27529
1–888–661–4941   919–779–9435    Fax: 919–882–8460
Email The Beacon District        Beacon District web site

Pastor, New Hope United Methodist Church

Pastor Renee Edwards

The Pastor is the administrative officer of the church and is an ex officio member of all conferences, boards, councils, commissions, committees, and task forces, unless restricted by 2012 The Book Of Discipline (The Discipline 244.3). The Pastor oversees the total ministry of the local church in its nurturing ministries and in fullfilling its mission of witness and service in the world (The Discipline 340).

For additional information on the Pastor’s responsibilities read Duties Of The Pastor. >>>

If you would like to know more about Pastor Renee check out her Biography. >>>

New Hope United Methodist Church
Rev. C. Renee Edwards
2098 New Hope Road
Hertford, NC 27944
cell phone: 252–333–2793 or email Pastor Renee .

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